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Welcome! Since 1955, Redmond & Nazar, L.L.P. has engaged in a diverse legal practice characterized by client advocacy, exceptional technical competence, and unquestioned integrity.

Redmond & Nazar, L.L.P. represents clients in virtually every area of civil law.

The attorneys who practice in our firm are: Edward J. Nazar, Martin R. Ufford, W. Thomas Gilman, Patricia A. Gilman, and Nick R. Grillot.

We invite you to look through the accompanying pages and learn more about who we are, and how we can serve your legal needs. However, please do not send us any information that you consider to be confidential until you have made specific arrangements with us to become a client. We can be contacted at:

Redmond & Nazar, L.L.P.
245 N. Waco, Suite 402
Wichita, Kansas 67202

Telephone: (316) 262-8361
Fax: (316) 263-0610