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Personal Injury Litigation

Our firm has handled a wide variety of claims helping people obtain justice under many different circumstances. If you’ve been injured in a car, motorcycle or truck accident; been assaulted and battered; the victim of fraud; have a problem with insurance coverage; had property wrongfully repossessed; haven’t been paid wages or other employment benefits you’re owed; or had your civil rights violated, we have the experience to help you achieve justice.

Our attorneys will only take a limited number of cases so that they can devote sufficient time to prepare each case adequately. We do not have an "assembly line" practice premised on high volume and lots of advertising. And our contingency fees are often times lower than the firms that advertise a lot. We expect to deal with you in a personal and professional way so that you will think of our firm as group of professionals, not a group of marketers. Call or e-mail us if we can help.

For more information about your rights if you have been injured in an accident contact Tom Gilman at (316) 262-8361.